The Last Daughter

She’s cursed with a dead witch’s power over fate, he’s a heartless demigod born for revenge and redemption. Once her enemy, now a conflict of interest. The fate of the Nine Realms dangles on a dangerously thin thread.

Fate was cruel enough by dealing Ailsa with a fatal illness. But when her father and sisters are killed at war, she becomes the Last Daughter in a long line of shieldmages. This power comes with a price, however, coincidentally getting her kidnapped by an elfin she’s only heard of through legends.

Vali’s realm is dying, inflicted by the black magic, seid, and the only way to heal his land is by delivering the Tether to Odin, king of the gods. When he finds this power bound inside a mortal woman, he is forced to bring her and her shapeshifting wolven back to his home in Alfheim.

But their journey across the Tree of Life is perilous, and betrayal is imminent. Vali and Ailsa must depend on each other for survival, a mutual dependency that turns into a passionate love affair. With Odin waiting on this promised power, a kindred spirit found in her enemy, and a dark threat neither Ailsa nor Vali intended to find in the bright lands of Alfheim, what started as a simple quest has turned into a fight to save all gods, mortals, and fae alike. Vikings meets magic in this fresh retelling of Norse Mythology.

❝ If it was not love that rewrote the stars, it was not love worth having. ❞

Eternal Night Series

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Breaking the curse will risk her heart, her life, and the future she never thought possible.

Before Arya was Chosen, she knew nothing of what lay waiting in the eternal night—certainly not alluring yet arrogant winged Watchers, a cursed queen, nor the possibility that she could be more than a runner, carrying messages through the vampyre-infested wastelands of Valdihr.

But the biggest surprise waiting in the dark is the brazen Watcher who sparks her heart and calls her a Huntress.

A hundred years shrouded in darkness and Arya is the only one who can finally bring back the dawn. With a blessing that marks her for death and an infuriatingly tantalizing man at her side, Arya must embrace her calling and her courage in order to face the danger lurking in the shadows. Because the night holds more than just secrets, and the monsters are closer than she realizes.

A Deal with Darkness

Coming Soon: November 2022

Before the Eternal Night or the Huntress, there was a deal with darkness.

Isoldra Maan is drowning in debt—specifically 250 souls deep. For the last five years she has
been working off her payment to the Lord of Lost Souls and notoriously depraved fallen god,
But when a dark power awakens and a heretic rises in the barren fields of Helencort, the divines
strike a deal with Dark Lord in exchange for her services. Isoldra is forced to partner with a self-
righteous watcher, who fills her with as much irritation as he does forbidden desire, to track
down this evil and deliver it to the gods.
With a series of plagues threatening to tear apart the world, Isoldra is forced to choose
between the one who holds her heart and the one who claims her soul. But when even death is
not the end, how far will she go to save them all?

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